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Doremir Web API

The Web API endpoints accept input like Audio, MIDI, etc and return output as for example Audio, MIDI and MusicXML.

The API functions are all built around a schema where you first send a start request, which initiates the analysis. Secondly the audio data is sent in chunks using one or more upload request. Finally a result request is sent to get the result of the analysis.

There are multiple reasons for using this three step schema:

  • The Doremir Web API is developed to support web clients built with HTML5/CSS/JS. Such clients don’t have the same possibilities to “stream” audio using HTTP chunked transfer encoding as native clients have. Using multiple upload requests enables “streaming” from web clients.
  • The analysis may take a long time depending on input. Also at high server loads analysis requests may be queued. Keeping a connection open while waiting for the result is susceptible for timeouts.

Note that by using Doremir developer tools, you accept our Developer Terms of Use.


To use the Web API a Client Token is required. At the moment tokens are created manually. You can request a token by emailing

A system for online API signup is under development!

Getting started

  • User Guide: A quick overview of the Web API to get you started.
  • Tutorial: A step-by-step guide to creating your first Web API application.
  • Code examples: Get demos, wrappers, and tools for your programming language.
  • Endpoint Reference: Full documentation of all the endpoints and the data they return.