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Computer requirements

MagnusMagnus Member
edited September 2013 in ScoreCloud 4 / Studio
Hey all! I have found that the computer system requirements for the Windows version of ScoreCleaner aren't complete. At it says:

Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Minimum 2 GB RAM
Minimum 250 MB free hard disk space
MIDI-keyboard, digital piano with MIDI-interface or similar
Sound card with ASIO drivers or ASIO4ALL is needed for Windows XP

I have tested ScoreCleaner on a computer that meets all these requirements but yet runs ScoreCleaner very poorly. For example, when playing into ScoreCleaner via the screen keyboard using the alpha-numeric keys, ScoreCleaner records single notes or pair of notes as separate recordings so one gets perhaps 5 recordings for a short little melody. I believe this has to do with processor frequency. My test computer has a processor running at 1.15 GHz which seems to be too slow.
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