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Repeats, Segno/Coda, Navigation Marker

I'm wondering how configure more accurately the repeats for a perfect playback on ScoreCloud. In the attached example, I use a "D.S. al fine" that ignore rittornelos on the second repetition... Is there a way to the music goes top to the Segno and still read the rittornelos?

I add this feedback that this program have a formidable potential of being great and pro. But, until now that I'm using since 2015, I don't see reason for paying a plan for a not that pro software. I mean, this little details (I've already lost my mind with this repetition stuff), the lack of a Manual, the only easy support be this forum, etc.

I hope my feedback is appreciated and my question answered.



  • ps: I add that I use a lot a Chord sheet and transposition options for Chords would be great too! :D
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