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  • Hey you are a SUUUPER buddy Johan! I've made more (dang it!) corrections to the score and it now has of course different problems, but not that one any more. I still really like ScoreCloud a lot, and these forums are a godsend for finding tricks and…
  • Hi Scilly & Erik, I was having a similar problem just now, every time I chose export as music xml it gave me an error.. EVERY TIME! I tried so many things, even copying the whole song, pasting into a new document, still the error. How did I fix …
  • [quote]Select a note, hit Ctrl+Alt+number key to divide selected note into they same number of parts. For example a selected 4th, using Ctrl+Alt+3 will become a triplet of 8ths. [/quote] Great tip! Thanks!
    in Grace notes Comment by Gnome August 2015
  • Hi Crix & Johan, I'm in the same boat. I SHOW MARGINS and drag them wider, I suppose doing PAGE SETUP to 96%, 93% etc.. would do the same thing, but it REALLY should be easier. I tried what you said Johan, adding system break but nothing got an…