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  • Voice recording
    Thank You for a response! I've looked at the video several times, but I'll go look again. I could've overlooked something when I thought I was supposed to have some kind of app. That's why I was explicit about my system! no i-phone or android, just a windows 10 laptop and your Score cloud studio 3.5.4. Your system could be a headache saver to me, and so much more to others, I hope I can get it figured out. Thanks! Robert
  • Voice recording
    I have ScoreCloud 3.5.4 on a windows 10 Laptop, I'm trying to sing songs into the computer to get the song notated musically. Can I do this? It seemed like I got error the last few times I tried, that sent me on a fruitless search to see if I had right system, Do I ? Thanks! Robert
  • ScoreCloud fatal error
    Hi there!
    Every time I try to open the ScoreCloud I get a blue page error and my pc restarts. It's windows 10 64 bit installed on my pc. the error says: "PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA. -stdriverx64.sys-" . Could you please tell me how to fix this problem?
    the log file is attached below.
  • Can I play original voice on ScoreCloud Studio on Windows 10
    I record my voice on iPad mini. But now I want to play the original voice on windows 10. Can I do it?
  • Download Problem
    I get MuseScore, but SoundCloud is nowhere to be found.
    Windows 10.
    In addition, I thought I had gotten a free-trial only days ago.
  • Playback quality
    I have just bought a new Dell laptop with a Realtek sound card and the audio output quality when playing back is awful! Is this a known fault with these devices? I'm running Windows 10. Luckily I have my old Toshiba - also running Windows 10 - which sounds OK but I'd prefer to use the new one if there's a fix
  • Windows 10 support
    There are several discussions here on the forum from when Windows 10 was in beta, or had just been just released. At that point we were still testing and fixing bugs related to the new OS. There are certainly people using the program successfully on Windows 10, and it is supported. New issues on Windows 10 seems to be found in combination with certain audio/MIDI cards and other hardware. We try to fix these problems as they come up.
    So please try it out, and report any issues using "Report a bug" from the help menu inside the program!
    Hope this helps!
    / JohanR, ScoreCloud
  • Windows 10 support
    Does this work on computers using Windows 10? It's a simple (and I would think OBVIOUS question) with no discussion here.
  • Analyze Error
    I am a new user. Just installed software onto my Windows 10 laptop. I connected my Casio Privia midi keyboard. I can play songs, and it recognizes the notes. However, every time I click Analyze, I get a message that simply says "An Error Occurred." It gives me a choice to quit the program or ignore the error, but no matter what it will not analyze my songs. Any ideas?
  • Update Problem
    Hello, for a few months now I have been unable to update my scorecloud. Everytime I run the update the message comes up: Failed to execute the file "C:\Program Files (x86)\ScoreCloud\ScoreCloud.exe": Failed to start as a limited process. CreateProcessWithTokenW() failed with the error code 740. Also the playback function isn't working either, it keeps saying I need to select an audio output but everything is set to default. I am using a Windows 10 computer if that helps.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework Installation Problem
    I don't know if this is the right place. I have a problem. I cannot install scorecloud over windows 10 pro. I downloaded the file ScoreCloud-Win-353, I executed it, it started but immediately stoped asking: "The following software is needed to run ScoreCload Studio:
    MIcrosoft .NET Framework 2.0SP2. Click ok to install or Cancel to.......".
    I tried to install .NET Framework 2.0SP2 but the windows didn't find it, I tried manually but I can't. There is someone able to help me? Thanks.
  • MIDI Output not selectable/working
    Any thoughts on this?
    Just to be clear, if I select anything other than Audio output for MIDI playback the selection holds for a few seconds and then goes blank. i.e. I cannot use the keyboard I am playing to do playback via midi.
    Even if someone can say this normal/not normal would be a help.
    Does anyone have MIDI playback enabled for Roland or RME drivers on Windows 10 64?
    Thanks in advance,
  • MIDI Output not selectable/working
    after I select a midi output device in preferences it disappears.
    The only working selection is Audio Output.
    Also for audio in/out anything other than windows default does not seem to work reliably.
    Is this normal?
    (Windows 10 64bit RME HDSP AiO Audio/Midi and Roland UM1 Midi or A800 Pro Midi)
  • get "error executing parallel tasks" when trying to analyze recording from microphone
    That's no good.. You should see a level meter in the recording dialog. Could you open the program and click the "Report a bug" option in the Help menu. That will send us your log files so that we can look into this. We have seen some strange behavior on Windows 10 (it's still pretty new, and things are changing).
    Thanks for reporting this!
    / JohanR, ScoreCloud
  • faudio.exe stopped working
    This discussion was created from comments split from: Windows 10 upgrade.
  • faudio.exe stopped working
    windows 10 pro; amd phenom II x6 1090t processor 3.2 ghz, 24 gb mem, 64 bit operationg system, x64 based processor, nvidia geforce gtx 960 video card...
  • faudio.exe stopped working
    Hi; another windows 10 glitch; I used the report a bug in the program: faudio.exe server has stopped working.
    works fine for short snippets, but anything longer than a few seconds and this error happens, it does not save the snippet, and disables the mic. Looks like you are in for some real work with microsoft on this software for windows 10....
  • Windows 10 upgrade
    Hello there. We are having this error as well on Windows 10. Do you have any solution?
  • An error occurred during cleaning - or - MIDI file could not be parsed
    midi files i open in Listener get the "error occurred during cleaning". Midi files I attempt to import get the "could not b parsed". FIles are MIDI 1, short and simple, 3 tracks of piano, melody and bass, and I created them just to test this. Attached. I am Windows 10.
  • Windows 10 upgrade
    We have not seen that error before.. Does the MIDI interface work with other software in Windows 10? We'll try to look in to it!
    ScoreCloud Studio is not fully tested with Windows 10. We have started and tested the program and all basic functions with default settings on Windows 10 and know that it runs, but apart from that, we don't know, and there are probably issues that will need to be resolved, that is new for that version.
    Hope this helps!
    / JohanR, ScoreCloud