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Daniel Zangger Borch – CEO

Internationally renowned Voice Pro, vocal coach for the Swedish artiste elite and in TV shows such as ‘Idol’, ‘X-Factor’ and ‘Eurovision’, author, singer, songwriter, founder and entrepreneur in Music and Tech. Ph.D. in Music Performance

Daniel Zangger Borch

Sven Ahlbäck – Head of R&D, MOB

Co-founder of DoReMIR Music Research, fiddle player, Ph.D. in Musicology, inventor of DoReMIRs music analysis system,
professor at the Royal College of Music, Stockholm.

Sven AhlbäckDaniel Zangger Borch

Johan Ronström – Product Owner

Johan Ronström

Board of Directors

Kjell-Åke Hamrén - COB

Extensive experience from several music industries, including music publishing.  Ph.D. Student in Musicology

Bengt Lidgård - MOB

Serial entrepreneur with exits in a Business Intelligence (100 MSEK), Mobile Communication, Business Angel and Corporate Advisor, Strategy Consultant at The Boston Consulting Group MSc Engineering & MBA

Sara Grundberg - MOB

Content manager and publisher at FAB Media. Experienced editor with broad knowledge of commercial content and communications.

Johan Forsberg - MOB

Social media veteran, streaming music and entertainment expertise, branding & marketing, business- and management consultant, investor and digital transformation enabler. Board professional. 

Emelie Helling - MOB

Lawyer with over 10 years experience in the IT- and Financial Services industry. Experience in all major areas of business law with special focus on Commercial contracts, Intellectual Property, Software development & licensing, IT consultancy, and Payment Services.

Rosemari Herrero - Board Alternate

Investment Manager at Almi Invest. Vast experience of investments in developing countries and as aquisitions consultant.