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Add MIDI recording facility via CoreMIDI - similar to Desktop to the iOS SC Notes App.

dstenningdstenning Member
edited October 2013 in ScoreCloud Express
I'm not interested in singing or playing audio into my iPad, but would love to be able to plug my keyboard
into my iPad/Phone and use iOS Coremidi to record everything I play similar to SC Desktop.

The iPad with iOS7 is slowly coming of age as a serious composing tool or scratchpad so an app that does this would be
really useful.


  • LeifOLeifO Administrator
    Thank you! This is indeed a great idea and something that we're planning for in the future. As all things it's a question of time, and at the moment we don't have a public schedule for it. However, at the moment the app is going through some big developments so keep your eyes open!

    /Leif O
    DoReMIR support
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