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Is there a way to add several lyrics between longer sustained notes such as whole notes rather than only one word per note? I have a spot in my score where there are whole notes but several words need to fit under them, but it's only allowing me one. For instance, I hit the space bar and it moves me to the next whole note, but I still need to enter more lyrics before moving to the next note. Thank you.


  • Also, is there a way to add several verses or stanzas like a hymnal would do?? Where it's the same notation, but different lyrics.
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    You can add several voices in rows by pressing the Return key.

    Spaces and dashes inside lyrics for a single note, as well as text boxes for additional lyrics (or other text) are both features coming up in the next update of the program!

    Check back here, or look out for our email newsletter to get the announcement when the update arrives!

    / Johan R
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    At the moment it is not possible to type several words in one note with just space, but we are planning on adding a Alt-Space command to make this possible.

    Also, about stanzas, as Johan says you can just press return when in text-typing-mode to add another verse.

    But if you mean the possibility of a number (+space) in the beginning of the verse, it's not possible today. We are planning on making it possible in the next version.

    / Leif O
  • There is a way of doing what you want. Type any old word under the note to which you want to finally contain several words. Open MS Word (other word processing programs are available and I assume they work as well) and type the words you actually want to use. Highlight the phrase and copy (you can use Ctrl+C). Return to ScoreCloud and, in Normal mode, double click the single word under the note. This will highlight the existing word. Then do a paste (Ctrl+V). The phrase will replace the single word. It may show in a funny place, but just press the spacebar and everything will go where you want it. Convoluted it may be, but it works - see attached image.
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  • Pressing Return works for the first line of staffs, but not for the rest. In the rest, Return moves you to the next staff.
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    Pressing return when editing lyrics should always move the input to the first syllable of the next voice. Are you seeing a different behaviour?

    Thanks for the report!
    / JohanR, ScoreCloud
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