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repeat ending

How do I get to the Actions Panel where I can select "repeat ending"? Why are items like Rehearsal Mark and Ped grayed out; how can I make these accessible?


  • JohanRJohanR Administrator

    Repeat endings are made by selecting a left facing repeat barline and then choosing repeat ending in the actions panel.

    Repeat barlines are made by either selecting a barline and choosing a repeat barline in the actions panel, or by selecting a region and choosing repeat region in the actions panel.

    All objects in the "add more" menu that are tied to a position in the music, are grayed out until an item in the score is selected. Select a note, a bar or a beat and then choose the item in the menu to insert it at the selected position.

    Hope this helps!
    / JohanR, ScoreCloud
    ScoreCloud Staff and Mandolinist
  • How to Navigate Repeats and Multiple Versus Using the "Repeat Ending" Function.

    The "Repeat Ending" function may be used to navigate complex, alternative versus, or interludes. To engage "Repeat Ending" one must select the barline between the first repeated section and the following section and select a repeat barline, ":||" or ":||:". Then, in the "Barline Selected" pain, check the box next to the "Repeat Ending icon". The Repeat Ending navigation symbol appears above the score bridging the repeat barline. Select the symbol and click on the left vertical bar. When the cursor becomes a double arrow, drag the left bar to the beginning of the song or repeat, indicated by a “repeat from here” symbol, “||:” previously added to the measure containing the start of the repeat. Click on the first number under the navigation symbol, default “1”, to bring up the navigation menu. Type the repeat sequence numbers separated by commas “,” (e.g., 1,3,5). Click on the number in the right navigation bracket, default “2.” Type the numbers of the repeat sequence separated by commas, (e.g., 2,4). ScoreCloud will play this example in alternate verse order: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, then jump to the next section beyond the :|| or :||:.

    If you want to play the first stanza more than two times, followed by the second stanza more than two times, delete the right repeat bracket. Then go the end of the second repeat and apply another “Repeat Ending.” Drag the left bracket to the beginning of the second set of repeats demarcated by a “:||:” between the first and second repeat, or by a “||:” repeat located at the beginning of the song if you want to repeat from the beginning of the first verse. Note: any repeat symbol may be located to any beat in a measure by dragging it there from the end of the measure, e.g., if you want to eliminate beginning or ending rests to maintain continuity of tempo. In ScoreCloud you cannot drag a repeat symbol to split a rest e.g., a whole rest into a half or quarter rests. You must trick ScoreCloud by inserting notes, dragging the repeat symbol in-between them, then replacing the notes with equal-valued rests. As with the first repeat, you need to indicate the repeat sequence by comma delimited numbers starting with “1” for each additional “Repeat Ending” added. Check out my song’ “Sure-footed” for an example of multiple repeats.

    Hope you found this useful.
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