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How to Navigate Repeats and Multiple Versus Using the "Repeat Ending" Function #2.

Suppose you want to repeat a melody three or more verses, but you do not have an alternative ending. Just repeat the last measure of the repeated section. Put a repeat barline, ":||" between them. Then, while in "Normal" mode" select the "repeat symbol." In the "Barline Selected" pain, check the box next to the "Repete Ending" icon. A "Repeat Ending" navigation symbol will appear above the ":||" bridging the two repeated measures. Click on the Repeat number (default "1"). The "Selection Pane" will indicate "Repeat Ending Selected" showing the repeat number pain. Type the number of repeats as: 1, 2, 3, ... Although you may repeat a melody up to 9 times, ScoreCloud allows only 4 verses under a measure. A "1" will cause the section to repeat twice (one additional time), while "1, 2" will cause three repeats, and so on, before the music flow jumps over the last bar to the "alternate ending," which is identical to the last bar of the section. If you do not repeat the last bar, it will be dropped upon going on to the next music section, or "Alternate Ending." In a previous post, I showed that you could achieve the same effect by dragging the beginning of the "repeat from here" line all the way to the front of the repeat section. This will tell ScoreCloud to skip the whole section before jumping to the next section. You have to add an additional repeat number to account for this skip. I favor the former method because the "jump from here" indicator line may obscure cord symbols and music text. Note: The "Repeat Ending" function only works between a "||:" repeat from here symbol (or the beginning) and a ":||" or ":||:" symbol, i.e., you cannot repeat over a repeat.
For examples, check out my songs: "A Christmas I O U:"
and, "Seek First" which shows this as well as an alternative ending:


  • I have the first line of words or lyrics in my song so to put more verses, I use the "Repeat ending section" to ad more verses. Is that right?
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