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Percussion Part-writing

chtguchtgu Member
edited October 2014 in ScoreCloud 4 / Studio
How can I make individual drum staffs which are solely dedicated to one player each and their instrument? In this case a conga player with one high and low conga, and other instruments. I need to use the whole staff for the conga player to show the high and low congas with the E and F spaces in the staff.


  • LeifOLeifO Administrator

    Unfortunately the drumstaff is not very developed yet. It is possible to write a drum staff manually using manual input, and you can add several voices to the same drum staff by choosing "New voice" in the drop down. It is also possible to add several drum staves.

    However, the playback bit is still tricky. You can find the high/low conga sounds, just add drum note using A-G on your computer keyboard, and then step through the pitches/sounds with the up/down arrow keys. You'll notice that the high/low conga sounds are on the same pitch.

    Can you please tell us what would your perfect drum staff editing be like? Give us a basic idea of your work flow!

    Leif @ScoreCloud
  • Are there any samples of this discussion on youtube? if get the free app can I use the sample of what is mentioned here?. I also play Congas and don't read music while playing, but understand the basics of note reading. Last, I do have a boss drum machine - would this device be useful with this app or software?
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