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"No Network"


I recorded something but when i go on "Analyze" after a while off analyzing the message "No Network" appears. I´m connected with my Wifi so I´m a bit confused... please help!^^



  • LeifOLeifO Administrator

    The most likely thing is that this is a temporary issue. If you still have problems please follow these instructions:

    Step 1: Check firewalls and proxys

    The most common problem when you get a message on network is that you are behind a proxy or a firewall that doesn’t let ScoreCloud connect to the cloud. This usually happens if you try to connect at a workplace network. Please try your home network if you haven’t already, or try connecting using a mobile internet.

    You can also read this forum thread on what to do here:

    A way to go around a proxy/firewall problem could be to add the following URLs as exceptions to the proxy/firewall policy:

    Step 2: Send a bug report

    If updating the settings of any firewall/proxy didn’t help, and you still have problems it would be really helpful if you could send a bug report from ScoreCloud Studio (for mac/win). In ScoreCloud, go to the ScoreCloud menu on mac, from the Help menu on windows and click on Report Bug. In the comments section describe your problem along with detailed information on any error messages you have encountered, and what you did when you got this error message. If ScoreCloud has crashed and closed down, please just relaunch the software and go straight to this menu option.

    This way we get all the technical data we need and information about what ScoreCloud was doing when it failed.

    Thanks for your help, it makes a big difference!
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