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Merging score for vox and guitar

Hi All,

I'm completely new to Scorecloud.

I have a track that has vocals and guitar. Putting the mixed song through SC isn't great - the result is very inaccurate. Splitting the track into individual vox and gt tracks individually gives decent results. Certainly good enough to tidy up and work with.

The problem is that SC interprets one at double the tempo of the other (to be precise, vox at 78 BMP, GT at 157 BPM).

This is probably because there is a lot of space in the vocal line, less so in the guitar part. Although the actual tempo is 80 BPM.

The discrepancy makes it impossible to integrate onto one score. Putting a beat in the mix with either part doesn't substantially change SC's interpretation of the tempo. Any ideas how I can get an integrated song?

Cheers All,



  • LeifOLeifO Administrator
    This might be because the notevalues have doubled in the second song. To be specific, if you have a ”long-short-short”-rhythm, it might come out differently in the analysis depending on tempo, and other parameters like accents. It might be quarter-eight-eight or it might be eight-sixteenth-sixteenth. Same rhythm, different ”spelling”. This can easily be changed in ScoreCloud!

    If you go to the Time/Rhythm toolbar button you can shift all note values double or half using the arrows up/down, see screenshot.
    All you need to do is to make sure that the general rhythms in the two songs match.

    Time Rhythm tool.png
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