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Feature Requests

1. I would like to add Volta brackets at places other than repeats. My first song is a tune written to a poem that I like. There are 3 verses of lyrics. The second measure of verse two is different than the second measure of verses 1 & 3 (there are differences in rhythm and pitch). The Volta Brackets would allow me to enter a measure for verses 1 & 3 followed by a measure for verse 2. If the system would allow the brackets, playback would play measures 1,2, and 4 the first and third times through the tune and measures 1,3, and 4 the second time through.

2. Playback does not recognize fermatas. This results in incorrect rhythm during playback. I would like for the system to allow for the entry of some value (along with the fermata) to indicate how long to hold the note so that playback could give an approximation of the desired duration.


  • Hello HexadTom, I have the same questions. I would also like to add Volta Brackets. Did you already found out how to do this? Thanks, Jooske
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