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I'm new here, I am enquiring that if I download my music to a CD from my computer - can I then play it in my computer Disc drive - with sound on and have Scorecloud write the notes on screen? Or will it work by just playing the music from my music file on my hard drive?


  • ErikRErikR Administrator
    As of now, ScoreCloud can work with MIDI data (from a MIDI file, or played on a MIDI instrument such as a digital piano) and monophonic audio. Monophonic means "one note at a time", so while you can e.g. sing or play violin into ScoreCloud Studio and have it notated, you can generally not feed it with recorded music.

    We are working on a polyphonic music analysis as well, but there is no official release date. It should also be said that the kind of music that you usually hear on recordings uses not only many different instruments, but also many kinds of sound processing (reverb, compression, equalizer etc). Even the state-of-the-art polyphonic analyzing algorithms still perform quite poorly on such material.

    There is lots of research and heavy development in this area (not only by DoReMIR), but it seems that at least in the next few years, having a tune from the radio or a CD automatically transcribed into sheet music will still be a dream.
  • I don't mean to advertise other software on your forums, but there is a program which does this called Transcribe. It isn't perfect.. Perhaps it can give you guys an example of something to research and improve upon, if you haven't already looked at it. It doesn't notate into a score what it analyzes, which is a drawback!
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