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Is there any way to get an 8 over bass “octave clef” into scorecloud?

I use Scorecloud a LOT to compose music for a recorder quartet. Traditional recorder quartet score have the soprano on a staff with the Treble+8 octave clef (or 1 octave higher) then treble for the alto recorder,treble minus 8 (small 8 below treble cleff) for the tenor recorder. And Bass clef with the 8 on top of the bass clef for the Bass recorder. Octave+8 clefBut Scorecloud does not have that clef notation. When I play bass recorder music or import xml recorder music Scorecloud puts the bass notes on a treble clef with the number 8 on the bottom. This is only slightly different than a Bass clef plus 8 over the clef, but it does make a difference. Bass recorder players typically prefer to read from a staff in Bass plus 8 high octave higher octave clef. It throws them off having to read a treble clef staff with 8 under the clef. If I use the bass clef then it puts the notes way too far below the staff. I know Scorecloud IS ABLE to read bass plus8 octave clefs because if I import a score in music XML format from the Sibelius or Photoscore programs, it imports the bass plus8 octave clef into scorecloud and it plays correctly.

So is there any way to ADD the bass plus 8 octave clef into the clefs pallet?

You already have treble plus 8 above, treble with 8 below and bass with 8 below. You're just missing the bass with 8 above.

It would really be less time consuming than having to export everything in XML, then open it in Sibelius, then have to export it back to Scorecloud in xml. I'd just use Sibelius except their midi instrument playback is horrible compared to the Scorecloud instruments, many of which sound almost exactly like the real thing. (the recorder could use some work, but Sibelius' recorders are even worse).

Let me know if you know of a way to get the bass plus 8 clef into scorecloud's clefs pallet. There certainly must be a way to add the octave Bass plus 8 clef to the pallet since it has all the other octave clefs and reads them, and can import them. So please either tell me how to add the octave (higher) bass clef to the pallet. If you guys can do it that would be great as I think you would get many new customers who currently use the Sibelius program instead of scorecloud because it lacks this feature. I've talked to many people who love the sound of the instruments on Scorecloud, and say they don't use it because it lacks this octave cleff and they'd rather just use Sibelius despite it's inferior midi instruments, because it's such a time consuming effort to export to from Scorecloud to Sibelius then change the Treble minus 8 Octave clef from Scorecloud to a Bass plus 8 Octave cleff in Sibelius then export it back to Scorecloud, then have to fix incompatibility issues (spacing, wrong instruments used when converting, Titles missing, these all have to be manually fixed before it can be used and printed for an ensemble).

Seriously. I'm currently paying monthly for both Scorecloud AND Sibelius so I can write and hear my renaissance recorder ensemble pieces on Scorecloud, then easily change instruments around, play with different tempos, etc.

You guys HAVE to fix this. You would gain customers. There are more Recorder and higher octave instrument composers and players than you probably think there are. All these categories need the one missing octave cleff.

Below is an image of what I'm talking about.
bass plus 8.jpg
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  • JohanNJohanN Administrator
    Hi and thank you for writing!

    There is now the bass plus 8 octave clef. Thank you for the request and sorry for the delayed answer on this one. I guess you've already seen this by now?

    All the best,
    Johan Nilsson, ScoreCloud Support
    /Johan Nilsson, ScoreCloud Support
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