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Shift a note in a measure?

Is there a way to basically move or shift the notes to the right? I would like to insert a quarter note and basically have everything else after that note be shifted to the right.


  • JohanNJohanN Administrator
    Hi and thank you for checking in.

    I hope one or both these solutions will be supportive.

    If you go to Manual Input mode, click on the note you want to change value and on the left hand side you can choose which value you prefer the note to have. You can also, after selecting the note, change this with shortcuts: 1,2,3,4 etc..

    If you want to temporary change the time signature, for the quarter note to fit (if you want to "insert" it rather than replace it), you can do so by right clicking on a bar and select the new time signature, and, the in next bar change back.

    /Johan N
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