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I can't work the Replace function in ScoreCloud?

Hi. I'm trying out ScoreCloud and wondering if I should upgrade to a paid account, but two very troubling things I can't seem to overcome are preventing me from wanting to use the program!

First, if you wish to overlay another voicing part, it must start from the beginning. So If I want to add a voice at the 3 minute mark, I have to sit and listen to the whole three minute song before I get there. This seems ridiculously stupid.

Secondly, replacing parts does nothing. The panel explains exactly what to do, yet it doesn't work. Select measure to replace score, did it. Check voices to be replaced using the arrow button in the instrument list (did it checked and unchecked). Click the replace toolbar button. Did that too, and as I watch the thing count from the top and record, it always returns the bars empty.

While the software seems promising and has nifty features, I also get the feeling I'm using Cool Edit '96 sometimes. The fact that a person must start at the beginning of a piece is a deal breaker. In other words, you'd need to create 10 different pieces should you have a song that goes over 15 minutes. Pretty useless.


  • JohanNJohanN Administrator
    Hi and thank you for considering this and for your feedback.

    At this point, it is only possible to overdub from the beginning, yes. We are planning to develop this.

    You can use the replacing feature with a MIDI-keyboard and the virtual Piano (cmd+k, ctrl+k). Did you try this?

    All the best,
    Johan N, ScoreCloud Team
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