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Recording with microphone

Hi, my first post so please bear with me. I have recorded "never never" by Shirley Bassey. Its a piano version and does not clearly show the left hand. I want to record this with Scorecloud, so I can see the notes played but do not know how.If I downloaded it again on my iPad and then held a mic in front while recording it on my laptop would this work, or is there somewhere other way of doing this.


  • JohanNJohanN Administrator
    Hi Gatley!
    Great questions!

    With the computer you can record polyphonic audio, and with iPhone or iPad you can record single melody lines (not polyphonic). All songs you record is automatically stored in the cloud and you can find all your songs at

    In the desktop version you are able to import audio files from your computer.

    I hope this is helpful for you!

    All the best,
    Johan Nilsson, ScoreCloud Support
    /Johan Nilsson, ScoreCloud Support
  • GatleyGatley Member
    Hi Johan,looks like i need to explain more fully.In a tutorial I have watched notes are played and analysed and then it shows a page with the notes displayed on the treble and bass clefs.I have my Roland digital piano connected to my desktop but when I play something and then analyse it it is displayed with only the treble clef and it seems to be leaving some notes question is how to get it to show left and right hand notes on both clefs.Is this possible?
  • JohanNJohanN Administrator
    This would be a manual job to select which notes you would want to have as your right and left hand. You can click on the notes and then right click and move to another voice. The playback issue seems funny. I am not sure what it is. Can you please share a screenshot of how it looks for you and also a bug report to
    /Johan Nilsson, ScoreCloud Support
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