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    ScoreCloud looks to be a great way to enter music from a keyboard, but not so useful when entering by hand into a score. [promotion removed by admin]
  • MuseScore does many of these things as well, BUT it's live music entry is not as good as this. It's nice to have both!
  • It will be great for manual input when all of the missing features are implemented and bugs fixed. I like to enter a lot of simple tunes from MIDI files, but so far that feature has not worked.
  • JohanRJohanR Administrator

    The Manual Input tool is a relatively new feature, and we're working hard on improving it. The latest release (3.2) contains improvements, and the next release will fix even more issues with Manual Input that we are working on!

    The MIDI import has also been completely reworked to support more types of MIDI files and new import options!

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