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Win10 - An error occured

Hi all,

I'm getting a very generic pop up window when i try to load Scorecloud Studio for the very first time.

It simply says "An error occurred" and presents me with two options: Quit, or Ignore error.

I had a quick search through these forums and discovered where RonnieR provides some advice. I've attempted to make sure all INS and OUTS are the same sample rate but it still throws this error.
"OK. I just found out that all audio INs and OUTs need to be set to the same sample rate. It's not obvious why, but it worked."

I have attempted to attach the two log files to this discussion as i noticed is asked for in other discussions, however I when i click Choose File i see an error "(ScoreCloud.log) Uploaded file type is not allowed.", with the same error with faudio.log file.

Please help :)


  • JohanNJohanN Administrator
    Hi EwanL!
    Thank you for letting us know. Can you send the bug report to and we are happy to look into it and help from there.

    You can also try these steps to setup your sound settings:

    Please let us know how it goes.
    Johan N, ScoreCloud support
    /Johan Nilsson, ScoreCloud Support
  • EwanLEwanL Member

    I can't actually get into the scorecloud preferences as the error disables all menu options as greyed out.

    I've sent an email to support with the log files attached.
  • JohanNJohanN Administrator
    Hi Ewan!
    Thank you. Yes, we are in contact via email. Hope we will find a solution for it.

    Let's stay in touch!
    /Johan N
    /Johan Nilsson, ScoreCloud Support
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