More than one note per syllable

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I am writing lyrics in my score and I have more than one note per syllable. I've written the word at the start and pressed (_) to show this but it doesn't seem to be working. Is there another way?


  • By trial and error, I think I've sussed this, which is different from virtually any other notation software I've used. Type the word you want under the first note. Press spacebar to move to the next note, then press underscore (shift -). If you want to encompass a third note, press spacebar followed by underscore again.
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    Thank you for the feedback!

    Am I correct to understand that the feature you are missing is that typing underscore at the end of a syllable would create an underscore for all following notes (until the next inserted lyric)?

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  • Yes, JohanR. All the other notation software I have used in the past - Forte, Music Publisher, MuseScore - will put in a long line to the next note simply by pressing underscore after entering the word. ScoreCloud seems to require that you press the spacebar first to move to the next note, then use the underscore.
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    We'll look at implementing this for an upcoming version!

    Just a note: ending a syllable with an underscore does add a underline that spans over the next note in the current version of ScoreCloud. But it does not continue beyond the next note, for that you have to add additional underscores to the following notes.

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  • Yes, I see that, but, unlike the other notation software programs, entering underscore after the word doesn't take you to the next lyric-empty note. You still have to press the spacebar somewhere along the line. You can still get the result you want with ScoreCloud; it's just that you have to learn a different way of doing it than other programs.
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