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Unable to initialize Sc4 in win 7

I get an unspecified error on startup (assuming this has to do with audio I/o and matching sample rates . How do I adjust this in win 7 or determine if that is the problem.) Please advise on what I should do?⅜


  • JohanNJohanN Administrator
    Hi and thank you for writing!
    If you go to ScoreCloud preferences, Audio&MIDI, advanced and check the sample rate. If it is set to automatic it should match the computer setting. Make sure the input/output matches on your computer settings. I presume the computer's sound preference is located in the Control panel, Speaker and Microphone Properties; Advanced. Set these both to the same sample rate. For example 44.1 khz.

    One issue could possibly be that you have a webcam connected to the computer and the computer chooses that mic which could have an odd sample rate.

    Hope this is helpful!
    /Johan N, ScoreCloud Support
    /Johan Nilsson, ScoreCloud Support
  • Hello Johan N. This was very helpful as I was able to set the sample rate on Microphone and headphones to be the same sampling rate and both function as expected.

    But my problem is still not resolved. Please help.

    The initial splash screen (with the sc4 logo) reports an error and stops. The metronome loads and works fine, but nothing else appears. I select "ignore error" and the splash screen shows "initializing audio". But nothing happens (program does not proceed).

    1. I do not know what the error is or how to find an error message.
    2, SC4 does not appear to load beyond "initializing audio" message appearing.
  • JohanNJohanN Administrator

    Ok, I see. Have you tried to reinstall the program? If this doesn't help, can you please send a bug report to and a message. You can do this from the menu. Otherwise they are located here:

    Press cmd-shift-g ( ⌘-⇧-G) in Finder and paste this: ~/Library/Containers/com.doremir.scorecloud/Data/Library/Logs/

    Open the "Run"-window by pressing the windows-key+R and then type: %APPDATA%/ScoreCloud

    /Johan N, ScoreCloud support
    /Johan Nilsson, ScoreCloud Support
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