Says analyzing but isn't. Won't analyze.

I am new to ScoreCloud. I like it so far. For some reason, it says analyzing but when I check the cpu in task manager it shows Scorecloud doing nothing. I am running Windows 7. Any ideas on what's going on?

Thank you


  • ryandvanryandvan Member
    I just tried a shorter snippet and it worked. Not sure why the longer one doesn't . . .
  • ErlandWErlandW Administrator
    Hi! We're happy to hear that you like the program so far.
    How long was the snippet that didn't analyse?
    Currently there is a 3 minute limit but normally the program warns about this.
    ErlandW, SC Support
  • ryandvanryandvan Member
    Snippet was under one minute
  • ErlandWErlandW Administrator
    Ok, then it's hard to say why it didn't work.
    If you get this problem again you can send us a report by selecting "Report Bug" in the Help menu.
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