How to keep second repeat ending on the same line.

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This question may have been answered already but I cannot find it in the discussions.

When I create two repeat endings at the end of a four-measure line, ScoreCloud either throws the 2nd ending onto a full line or else puts it at the beginning of the next line. I want to keep both endings on the same line, that is, create a 5 measure line that includes the second ending.

NOTE: This problem only occurs if I change the last three beats in Measure 19 from three 8th notes to four 16th notes and one 8th note.

I have attached screenshots.

Screen Shot 2021-06-05 at 3.27.59 PM.png
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Screen Shot 2021-06-05 at 3.32.26 PM.png
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Screen Shot 2021-06-05 at 4.08.30 PM.png
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  • ErlandWErlandW Administrator
    I think you can solve this by adjusting the Spacing slightly. If you haven't selected anything you can find the Spacing settings in the upper right side panel. Try changing the value for Note Spacing and/or Horizontal Proportion.
    /ErlandW, SC support
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