Multiple Drum Staves not functional

When I add a second or third Drum staff to keep everything easy to control, the volumes for all of them are linked, and the attributes for them are all stored in a single staff(If you export the wrong staff, you get your song's duration of empty silence, and if you choose the right one it has every percussion instrument's data in it). The only way to export the instruments separately is to copy each individual drum onto a new page that has only one drum staff, export, delete the page(keeping the same page collects drum data), and repeat.


  • ErikRErikR Administrator
    Yes, this is currently a limitation in ScoreCloud Studio and comes from the fact that the underlying audio engine uses standard MIDI to render audio which means that there is only one MIDI channel available for drums.

    We are currently developing a new audio engine for the next version of the program in which audio playback will be much more versatile and which won't have this limitation.
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