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Great program. Quick question. Normally I think, barlines stretch across a piano score from treble clef to bass clef. It's not important, but my bar lines stretch across the clef, then there's nothing until the bas clef, where it re-appears. Any thoughts?

I have ScoreCloud Studio
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  • ErlandWErlandW Administrator
    Hi Peter,
    I just responded to your email but I'll put the answer here too so everyone can see.

    If the lines are connected or not depends on if it’s a piano staff, choir staff or two separate parts. To edit this go to Voices/Mixer mode and double click on the part in the side panel on the left hand side. Piano staffs have connected lines while choir staffs don’t. You can see in this screenshot that they also have different types of brackets. If you don’t want any brackets just add two separate parts with simple staffs.

    Erland W, SC Support
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  • Thanks Erland! That's brilliant.
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