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I want to score multiple notes to be played at the same time, but I cant find a way to do this except by creating a new "voice". This means if I want to create a triad, I need three different voices. This is fine, but then it creates a rest for every part of the score that doesn't have stacked notes. I have attached a screenshot below so you can see what I mean. Is there a way around this?

Cheers :)
Screen Shot 2021-08-25 at 10.16.42 am.png
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  • ErlandWErlandW Administrator
    There are different options for this depending on your needs.

    If you want to keep the notes in separate voices you can hide the rests for the extra voice by double clicking on it in Voices/Mixer mode and then uncheck the box "Rests".

    Another option is to merge the two voices into one. To do that drag the extra voice into the main voice (in the left side panel) while in Voices/Mixer mode.

    In Manual input mode you can also add chord tones (or double stops) that attach to a specific note, just hold the shift-key while adding an extra note using a letter key.

    If you input notes with a MIDI keyboard, you should be able to play chords straight into the score.

    Erland, SC Support
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