Midbar repeats?

I am trying to make my students a copy of a Bach Chorale with only one part supplied as a harmony exercise.
The chorale in question begins with an anacrusis and the first section repeats in the middle of a bar because of the anacrusis being continued. The last bar has one beat missing, also to take account of the anacrusis.
How can I put a repeat mark in the middle of a bar and send the rest of it onto a new line to start the unrepeated section?


  • ErlandWErlandW Administrator
    To add the anacrusis at the beginning you can use the Pickup-tool (one of the green buttons at the top of the program). Move the starting point using the arrows and check the box "Hide initial rests".

    To add the repeat sign just select the bar line while in Normal mode and add the repeat symbol from the (top right side panel).

    To make the final bar shorter to justify the pickup/anacrusis is a little tricky. We don't have a dedicated tool for this yet but a possible workaround is to change the time signature of the final bar (right click on the bar line just before the end and select "Insert time change"). Select the appropriate length for the final bar (you may need to use the "advanced" option). After that click on the new time signature symbol and hide it by unchecking the box "visible" in the top right side panel.

    All the best,
    /Erland, SC Support
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