MXML export out-dated?

I signed up for the 10-day trial to evaluate how well ScoreCloud works in order to "port" MIDI to Sibelius 7.5.

Initial tests show ScoreCloud is NOT "up-to-date" with regard to MXML export into Sibelius.

Sibelius error messages are as follows:
This is not a MusicXML file and cannot be loaded: Content of element sign does not match its type definition: String content is not listed in the enumeration facet..

This MusicXML file uses an old version of MusicXML. Sibelius 7.5 can attempt to import it, but you may encounter some unexpected problems. Do you want to continue?

Does anyone on the forum have success using MXML to bridge between ScoreCloud and Sibelius?

San Antonio, Texas
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