ScoreCloud is wrecking my computer's sound

I have a 2021 16" MacBook Pro (Intel) with good spec, UltraFast BroadBand and ScoreCloud Pro. My apps and system are fully up to date.
Since the summer, I have found that if ScoreCloud is open the sound on my Mac gets very crackly. Not just in ScoreCloud but across the board in every app and in the Finder, too. The only solution if I want to use ScoreCloud is to have a BlueTooth speaker hooked up to my Mac.

If I close ScoreCloud, everything suddenly goes back to normal. I have some pretty CPU heavy apps which are handling very complex documents but they do not produce any problem with my sound, only when ScoreCloud is open.

I have matched the input and output Hz as is suggested on some Apple Support pages, but it makes no difference.

This is not the regular beaty snap that some people are demonstrating on YouTube. This is akin to an old, crackly radio when you turn the dial too quickly.

I am a music teacher and this is cramping my style! I don't want to have to take a speaker with me everywhere I go. I'm tempted to take my computer to the Apple Store but the fact that it is only a problem that happens when ScoreCloud is open makes me think that they would refer me to you.
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