Hi there! I am new here. I am trying Scorecloud Pro in the hopes that it will produce notation of pieces that use microtones. So far importing audio files and having them analyzed doesn't work. The instrument played in the file is the oud, which is not part of the included list. I have tried a few different preset instruments but it doesn't help. Does anyone have an opinion on the matter?


  • ErlandWErlandW Administrator
    Hi! The instrument presets is just to change the playback sound, it doesn't affect the analysis. I suggest that you use the Instrument/polyphonic mode. Note that recordings must be shorter than 3 minutes.

    The analysis will always try to change the notes into standard notes (non-microtones) but after you have analysed the recording into a score you can see the intonation displayed in detail if you select Window > Analysis details and choose to display Pitch deviation. Then you can use this information to manually add microtones to the score.
    /Erland, SC support
  • hanshans Member
    Thank you! I will try that.
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