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Doubledotted Notes and Ties

edited March 2015 in ScoreCloud 4 / Studio
How do i doubledot one note ?
How do i tie a selected group of multiple notes?


  • SvenASvenA Administrator
    Hi Bernt.

    Double dot:
    In Normal mode: Select the stem on the note following the note which should be double-dotted to the right WHILE pressing the number key 8 on the computer keyboard. Moving a note changes the duration of the previous note.

    Regarding the second question I am not sure if you mean tie or slur. For tie, you should erase all the notes following the first note and erase the rest. For slur, you should select all the notes and press S for slur (in normal mode) or select slur from the Add more menu.

    I hope this solves your issues!
  • Thank you Sven, your tie- answer solved my, present, dot issue.
  • Now I once again has a note-prolongment.issue.
    I am not able to tie a wholenote with an eight-note in the following bar -
    I have tried, with in Normal mode, holding down 8 and moving to the left
    (to the right do not work)
    and the eightnote becomes two sixtenth and the first of these is tied to the wholenote, so I delete the second sixteenth-note and change the remaining to an eighy.note, but then the attachment /tie) to the whole-note vanishes. What to do?
  • JohanRJohanR Administrator
    edited March 2015

    That behaviour sounds strange, we'll have to test that and get back to you!

    One reliable way of prolonging notes is to remove a rest following it. This makes the previous note fill it's space, tying if needed.

    Here's an animated image to help explain this.


    Hope this helps!
    / JohanR
    ScoreCloud Staff and Mandolinist
    711 x 392 - 195K
  • llynellyne Member
    Hi. I have the same problem - I'd like to write a double dotted quaver followed by a demi semi quaver but can only write this rhythm using tied notes which is messy. The holding 8 trick above doesn't work for me either. I can write it the wrong way around - i.e. a demi semi quaver followed by a double dotted quaver by writing a crotchet and dragging the dsq into place, but I can't put it at the end of the beat. What else can I do please?
  • JohanNJohanN Administrator

    I hope this is helpful
    Double dot: In "normal mode", hold down 8 and drag the note horizontally.

    Hemi demi quavers: In normal mode, mark a note or some notes, cmd/ctrl+alt+2/4/8 to split them.
    /Johan Nilsson, ScoreCloud Support
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