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I have a bar in the middle of a piece which has a quaver too many notes in it. What I want to is reduce the duration of one of the chords by a quaver and cause a quaver that begins the next bar to move left into the "space" i.e. shift the remainder of the piece left by a quaver. If I change the duration of any note in the bar, scorecloud adds a quaver rest and keeps everything else in the same place. I suspect that the pickup tool might be what I want but so far when I use this it adjusts from the end. So what I'd like to do is remove a quaver from a bar and then lift left the whole piece by a quaver to fill the space.


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    This is possible in a few different ways.

    1. Dragging barlines. If the problem is caused by the analysis shifting the second half of your performance, so that your 1-beat is interpreted as the 2-beat, you might be able to fix it by dragging the the last barline of the measure one beat to the right. This is however a pretty advanced operation that re-analyses the entire rest of the score based on your original performance, so it can seem very unpredictable at first.

    2. Copy paste. You can copy the entire second half, and paste it one beat to the left. Do this easiest by first selecting the beat you want to move, then shift click the last beat of the song. Then select the where you want it to start, and paste.

    Hope this helps!
    / JohanR, ScoreCloud
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