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Issue 1:
I so agree with Paul, another user who is irritated with ScoreCloud not displaying accidentals which are repeated at another octave within a bar, whether in the same chord or in a following beat. It's just plain wrong to assume that a C sharp played at one octave doesn't need an accidental later on in the bar when played at a different octave. Accidentals only refer to the line or space they first occupy until the following bar-line is crossed: just look at any reputable music publisher's output to check that. Moving up or down or beyond the bar-line means they have to be re-entered. This is what I teach my school class - how can I use ScoreCloud with them when the application itself doesn't obey the rules?

At the moment I'm notating some singing warm-ups which repeat a semitone higher every four bars. This puts me in need of lots of accidentals and I'm getting sick and tired of putting in all these extra accidentals that ScoreCloud won't display.

Issue 2:
Of course, I'd be in a better frame of mind if I could work out how to transpose just four bars to a new key without the entire score going up with them. But there just doesn't seem to be a way of doing that.

Issue 3:
Equally incorrect is the latest habit of making the last bar a full bar when there is an anacrusis. The anacrusis and the last bar are supposed to fit together to make a full bar so that when you repeat it they join without the need to cancel any extra beats. However all the notation programmes seem to have got very lazy over this one for some reason and I can't find a single one that will allow me to select that as the default behaviour.

Issue 4:
But maybe I'm wasting my precious Easter break even trying this because I can't get ScoreCloud to save anything at all at the moment - I just keep getting error messages. I've tried copying and pasting into a new document with no joy. My scores have been open for several hours now. I won't be able to shut down my computer and I'm even nervous of putting it to sleep!

Issue 5:
Time to learn how to use Sibelius or go back to my old faithful Finale, perhaps. At least in those applications the songs I have managed to save in previous sessions don't go red in the sidebar, as they do in ScoreCloud, typically the one at the top of the list, and refuse to open.

Issue 6:
And being able to save to a hard drive would be helpful in adopting it as a middle school programme because it's always awkward persuading kids to open up a new personal web account. I'm not sure I'm really allowed to guide them through that at all because they are putting their personal details out there.

ScoreCloud is a brilliant programme, oozing potential. For a while I would use it when in a hurry even though my school wants me to use Sibelius because it was simply quicker for something straightforward; but I don't have enough time to waste on incorrect and malfunctioning things like this.

Any solutions out there? I so want to be thrilled with the application again!


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    We are in the midst of an update to both the server and the clients, and your issue #4 could be a result of this. Make sure that you have updated the program to the latest version.

    Local saving (Issue #6) is available in this new update, with a PRO plan. We are also considering ways to simplify the process of the Teacher-Student scenario, account-wise, to see if we can accommodate your exact situation better!

    Regarding Issue #2: You can add key changes by right clicking in the score and choosing "Insert Here -> Key Change". You can also select a region and move all notes with the up/down arrows. Does this solve your issue?

    Regarding your other issues, I'll have to consult my colleagues and get back to you!

    Thank you for the valuable feedback!
    / JohanR, ScoreCloud

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    Hi again!

    I have now checked some things with the team.

    We agree about most of your points, and some of these might even make it into the next update of the program! We're looking at how we could implement global and/or song specific settings for anacrusis and accidentals.

    Hope you can stay with us and help us straight these things out!
    / JohanR, ScoreCloud
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    Thank you very much for your positive responses, JohanR. I always forget about contextual menus so I never thought of looking there for my key changes. I must explore that again.

    So if the only way I can save my 32nd document is to upgrade the programme and I have a score open waiting to be saved, I'm sunk, really, am I? I will need to close the app to upgrade it and then my score will disappear into the ether unless I'm very much mistaken. And if there's anything you can do to email me the last uncorrupted saved version of my score called 'Happy' which has gone red in the sidebar, I'd be very grateful (issue 5). You did this with another that went bad and it was such a relief!

    Just to add a little to your discussion about teachers and students, I'm going to have to think about whether I want to continue using the app at school. I got it put onto our library machines so that my students could take advantage of the superior live performance analysis function as an introduction to notation on the computer. I have never seen a class so engrossed. They were playing melodies on the computer keyboards without any instruction from me and getting them onto the screen; others were finding a quiet corner of the room and singing into their computers. I would like to have taken it further but the future now looks a bit muddy.

    I won't get paid subscriptions - I've been waiting nearly a year for a £3 iPad app to be made available to them so the chance of anything more expensive is just not going to happen. Perhaps I can proceed with the free version: I'm not sure how that will work with the watermarked printing and the ten document limit, but after all I'm glad to hear you are thinking about teachers and students. The school is intending to offer Sibelius in our Music Tech lab as it's one of the industry standards; but I think it's a bit complex for my general music class of 8th grade students (yes, I'm in the UK but this is an International School organised the American way). I think what you have created is far easier to get into and would make a simple option that might lead to them using Sibelius if they do IB in the high school department.

    The staff need to see it working with our students in order to see ScoreCloud as a potential competitor to Sibelius for the younger students. Perhaps one day you'll develop it to the stage that schools like mine will consider it a viable industry standard: I hope so!
  • Just to say I thought perhaps copying all the music and then upgrading so I'd probably be able to paste into a new document once the upgrade was complete was the answer. When I finished upgrading I found my document was still open and all I had to do was hit 'save'. I'm also creating a 'corruption buffer' minimal document and saving it at the top because if one of my songs goes red it's usually the top one. So I've managed to save my warm-up and didn't lose it as I thought was inevitable.

    I upgraded to 'Pro' but I can't see a way of saving locally which would give me a whole lot more peace of mind.
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    Thank you for the additional info, we will consider this going forward!

    When upgraded to PRO, a "Save to disk" option is added to the regular Save dialog.

    If you want to save a song to disk that is already saved to the cloud, just choose "File -> Save as..." to save a copy of the song to disk!

    Hope this helps!
    / JohanR, ScoreCloud
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