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  • PaulPaul Member
    Hi Johan and Audthebest,

    For some time now I've noticed that whenever I come across an online MIDI file it won't open on my Mac. Instead I receive the message: "Missing plug-in. This webpage has content that requires an Internet plug-in. This page contains content of “audio/midi” type. You do not have the plug-in required to view this content."

    That happened again this morning when I tried to test out the online MIDI files Johan linked to. When I tried to see if there is a plug-in I could download to remedy the situation I found this thread about it on Apple's forum, which relates that, apparently, Apple's new operating system no longer supports MIDI:


    Would you -or anyone - have a solution for this? I was pretty shaken up by this, and am wondering what implications this may have for the future of MIDI in general, and our ability to compose or play using this form. I hope i'm not being alarmist here; perhaps there's something I haven't considered which renders all of this insignificant.

    Many thanks for your thoughts!
    Paul in NY
  • JohanRJohanR Administrator
    Hi Paul!

    This is indeed a strange decision by Apple, but don't fret, this should not have any real implications to us.

    The functionality that has been removed is the ability for the Safari Browser to natively play MIDI files, inside the browser. This does not change the ability for other programs (and other browsers) to play or import MIDI.

    There are a few straight-forward ways to remedy this:

    * Choose a separate deafault behaviour for Safari, so that the MIDIs when clicked are opened in a separate program, like QuickTime Player or ScoreCloud.

    * Find and install a separate 3rd party Safari plugin that can play MIDI (I don't know if sugh a plugin exists yet, though)

    * Change browser to one that can handle MIDI files natively inside the browser. Chrome or Firefox should be able to.

    * There seems to be a rather ugly fix, here.

    / JohanR, ScoreCloud
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