Shaped Notes?

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I know that this is pretty far out, but I thought I'd mention it to see what the response was (if any). I used to use finale mainly as a tool to input songs that were round notes to convert them into shaped notes since I come from a church where the congregation is not highly educated musically and most comfortable with singing shaped notes. But because finale costs several hundred dollars and will not work properly on my computer after only a few years I decided to try this out and am very impressed with what has been done so far! I was curious as to whether this is being looked at at all or not?


  • JohanRJohanR Administrator

    Although this is not a top priority matter, we are generally looking at the possibilities of chaning notation fonts and adding more symbols in the future. I will bring your point to the table, if it's easy to do it's not impossible that it can be included!

    Thanks for reaching out!
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