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Other platforms?

kallelindbergkallelindberg Member
edited February 2013 in ScoreCloud Express
Hello, I recently saw your product Scorecleaner Notes for the IOS. Are you planning to develop an Android based version of the program or to Windows systems?
I'm looking forward to take part of this software when it's available.

Sincerly yours. Karl


  • SvenESvenE Administrator
    Hi Karl
    We've understood that there is a big demand for an Android version of ScoreCleaner Notes, but we don't have a public schedule for it yet. We haven't had that many questions regarding Windows Phone so far, so that has a lower priority.
  • Hello Sven, You absolutely must develop this for Android!
    please?? Now, if the app could also give the name of the song your humming...?
    \/\/ ( ) \/\/ !!!
  • SvenESvenE Administrator
    Music search using "query by humming" is certainly something we could do in the future, but one thing at a time... ;-)
  • KevinKevin Member
    Android has not only matched iOS but exceeded them by far this Quarter, and that is only going to grow as iPhone popularity goes down, and iPhone users start to realize how limited they are.
    Why is there no public schedule for this app on Android public are you meaning that you are working on it, but are not stating so to the public, please advise.
  • YenYen Member
    Ehh...tho I'm an android user and want to use this app badly, I think we don't need to be so uptight about it. cheers.
  • JohanRJohanR Administrator

    We are glad that you are interested in our products! :-)

    The industry standard for making music is traditionally Mac, and therefore there are also more iPhones than Android devices among musicians and music makers. That is our reasoning behind choosing to start the development for iOS and not Android.

    Another reason is the fact that the iOS devices have the same hardware (mic input) producing a more predictable audio source than the myriad of android devices.

    Although we cannot at this time tell you more about the development schedule, we are of course considering all devices, platforms and OS for our products, including Android, Windows Phone, Smart Board, Steam, SmartTV and web based systems.

    ScoreCloud Staff and Mandolinist
  • I am a high school music teacher and only use PC and android based products for myself and students. I refuse to buy Apple products. I could give you several reasons why. There are many of us you work in the music industry that choose other platforms other than MAC. I will not do business with companies that deal soley with MAC products. Too because because I really like the concept. Maybe I will invest some money into someone who will write a android version.
  • JohanRJohanR Administrator
    You can of course use the PC version of the Desktop application while we are working on more platforms!
    ScoreCloud Staff and Mandolinist
  • Dear Johan, I must desagree when you say that Mac is the industry standard for making music, at least in these days. Thats because other platforms became as efficient as Mac, with the price advantage. And, of course we always could use the PC version, except when in the car, or at the lunch, and that great musical idea just came to my mind... Anyway, I know a lot of people who are willing to pay and get this amazing tool - but don't have Apple gadgets. So, please, consider develop an Android version as soon as possible. Before someone else do it. TkS
  • Hey all! Since I assume that a GNU/Linux version of ScoreCleaner isn't in the works I wonder if anyone has been successful running ScoreCleaner via Wine on GNU/Linux? I tried last year with Wine 1.5.15 on Mepis Linux 11. See:
  • There definitely needs to be a version available for the Windows computer. For us old fashion people who don't have cell phones. I say old fashion, yet I'm not even twenty.
  • Demonimation: "There definitely needs to be a version available for the Windows computer."

    There already is. See and
  • Would really like to see this in Android format. ..... when will you release?
  • LeifOLeifO Administrator
    edited December 2013
    We know that many people would like an Android version of ScoreCleaner Notes (now known as "ScoreCloud Express"), but we haven't got a public plan nor a date for it yet.

    Keep your eyes open!

    Leif @ DoReMIR team
  • Many of us consider iOS an elitist platform, and would rather do without. Perhaps we cut off our noses to spite our faces, but better that than the alternative. Emotions run deep here.

    Android 4.+ a worthy platform. Samsung hardware knocked-off by many. One can buy a really good, dual SIM, 6" smartphone for $139 on Amazon, and a really good tab - 7" or 10", for about $200.

    Please push your Android initiative forward. If I hold my breath too much longer I'll turn blue - but I won't buy an iPad.
  • LeifOLeifO Administrator
    Hi Brightred,

    We hear you!

  • I really like the application but i dont u could make an app for ios and just not think about making it for the android when there are more android phones out there than ios phones but great app btw...
  • LeifOLeifO Administrator
    I can see your point. The explanation is the fact that the iOS devices have the same hardware (mic input) producing a more predictable audio source than the myriad of android devices.

    For now, there is a desktop version for win/mac called ScoreCloud Studio, give it a try!

    Leif @ DoReMIR
  • This is such a big thing in the music world. I'm so excited and can barely wait for it to become available for both android and linux.
    I am sure, that if it is a money/lack of workers/other assets problem, this would be easily financed by crowd funding. I would myself be willing to invest for it to come out.
    If that's the case, you should look into putting it up on some crowd funding page, such as kickstarter. What ever amount you would be needing would be quickly reached. No doubt about it.

    Martin, Uppsala
  • My husband is a musician,this app would be wonderful when will it be available for Android, and I keep all his lyrics on my Kindle Fire HD . Would it be compatible with it as well since its also Android?
  • OzyrysOzyrys Member
    edited August 2014
    Please release an Android version as soon as possible! :)
  • I would like to add my two cents as well. This ScoreCleaner Notes is a must have app. Especially for those of us who are app aficionados. An Android Version Is Already Needed. Please Reconsider. Thank You So Much. God Bless
  • Hello! am'm from Brazil composer and found the very interesting tool, however for not having in version android think you are losing a lot, by the fact that here in Brazil the apple products are very expensive due the high taxes, and adquerir one apple only to install a program is not as advantageous, but hopefully looking forward to android version.
  • GenghisBobGenghisBob Member
    edited March 2015
    Hello hello! I see I am late to this conversation! I only discovered ScoreCloud tonight while looking for music creating apps for my... drum roll please... Android tablet! Ta daaa!
    So, I was thrilled to see that I could download it onto my Windows pc, but I would love to have it on my non-elitist tablet ;) Sooooooo, are you any closer or did you get mad at all the iOS haters and decide not to do it for spite?
  • Just wondering if you guys are any closer to an android compatible version? Does this update include that? Thanks for your time!
  • JohanRJohanR Administrator
    This update does not include any additional android compatibility, and we unfortunately still have no additional public info about the this, sorry.
    / JohanR, ScoreCloud
    ScoreCloud Staff and Mandolinist
  • I just fins out your app, it should be amazing and I really want to try it, but as most of peoples here I don't have a iPhone, and I will not buy one. I am from Brazil, singer, guitar player, composer and your app will help a lot in the profession stuffs. Please, make it to Windows Phone.
  • LeifOLeifO Administrator
    edited February 2016
    We know that people are curious about the progress in developing ScoreCloud Express for Android, and we are very thankful! The status is that we are looking at a wide range of different cross platform options, and that you should keep your eyes open. We have plans for the future, and they include android, but there’s no definitive schedule for it.
  • Hello, I would like to know if you already have a launch date for scorecloud express for android
    Because the demand is too great!
    think about it.
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