Change stave?

ingemaringemar Member
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After experimenting a little bit with ScoreCleaner Notes on my iPhone, I wonder if I can change the stave? I'm getting a bass-stave (basklav) all the time.

Edit: I'm actually getting a g stave (g-klav) in the Archive view, but not when I open the song...

Otherwise it's working great! Thanks for a very useful app!



  • SvenESvenE Administrator
    Hi Ingemar
    Glad you like ScoreCleaner Notes!
    It is not possible to change the clef.
    The goal for both the Archive view and the Song view is to show as many notes as possible inside the system.
    Since only the first part of a melody is shown in the Archive view, the clefs in the Archive view and the Song view may differ.
    It is for example common to get an Octave clef (G clef with an 8 beneath) in the Archive view and a Bass clef in the Song view.
  • Thanks for your quick answer! So it's only related to how high or low I sing the notes, I suppose?

    And sorry for the stave/clef confusion!

  • SvenESvenE Administrator
    Yes, it is only related to the pitch of the notes.
  • Thanks for clarifying. I was wondering too, but on the other hand changing clef is straightforward on the desktop.
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