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Verse numbers

Just wondering whether there is a way to put a verse number in front of the first word yet?


  • Just solved my own problem thanks to someone on another post. Verses 1 and 2 begin with the word 'In' and verse 3 with the word 'I'. All I had to do was type (in this box, actually - you don't need Word or anything else heavy!) '1. In', copy it and paste it onto the word at the start of verse 1, '2. In' onto the first word of verse 2 and '3. I' onto the first word of verse 3. You can't align them but that's a minor issue compared with not having the numbers at all!

    If there's a proper way to do it I'm all ears!
  • JohanRJohanR Administrator

    Thanks for this workaround! We'll look into making this more intuitive!

    / JohanR, ScoreCloud
    ScoreCloud Staff and Mandolinist
  • How to Number Versus in ScoreCloud

    Typing a space or a dash moves the cursor to the next lyric position under the next note. However, an "underscore" (shift-dash) character does not move the cursor to the next position and is not visible on the electronically scored music. This is how to use the underscore key.

    Type the number of the verse (1,2,3...) followed by a period (.) followed by three underscores ("_", shift-dash) then type the word for that verse. That's it! If you have already typed in the verses, click on the first word of each line. Then hit the "back arrow" key (not backspace or delete) to move the cursor to the beginning of the word. Then follow the numbering sequence, above. You may have to click on the second word of each following versus and press the "shift + tab" keys to move the cursor to the first word of the line. The numbering will not be left justified but centered under its respective note as if the expression were one word. Check out my song, "Sure-Footed" for an example of how it looks. If you add or delete a measure, which shifts all the numbering to the wrong measure, select the preceding barline, then check the "system brake" box in the "barline selected" panel to reestablish the number at the beginning of each line.
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