I want a minim, not two tied crotchets

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Hi, I'm trying to insert a minim across beats 2 and 3 of a four/four bar, but it will only express it as two tied crotchets which makes it difficult to read and doesn't suit the stuff I'm writing. How can I make it appear as a minim?


  • LeifOLeifO Administrator

    Right click on the first note and choose "keep together".

    ScoreCloud usually tries to display the middle of the bar, which is why this happens. If you could wish freally, how would you like to tell ScoreCloud "don't do this!" (I mean as a more general command)

    If you have the same in many places in the score (using the the same pitch) you can "select similiar" through right click or with the shortcut ⇧A. Now choose keep together through right click to change all of them at once! (See video)


  • LeifOLeifO Administrator
    A related question that some people reading this thread might wonder about:
    How do I get a tied note?

    A tie is something that looks like a slur, but it makes two notes sound like one (=two notes tied together). With the next update we’re adding a way of choosing ”tie” through right click. However, there are a couple of solutions already:

    1. Delete the second note, and as a result you will get a rest. If you delete the rest the previous note will be extended and ”eat” the rest.
    2. Delete the second note, now, while holding Alt, click and drag the first note to the right. It will then be extended in steps of a 4 division of the beat. Hold a number key for a different subdivision.
    3. In manual input mode, if you want two tied quavers, select a half note instead. (Obviously not really intuitive, but for now…)

    Also, choosing Cut Time instead of 4/4 will make ScoreCloud keep notes together rather than separating them (but still showing the middle of the bar)

  • ErikRErikR Administrator
    I've also just updated the score generator with improved tying patterns, so that some common patterns are recognized. This includes crotchet + minim + crotchet in 4/4 time, so you won't have to do that manually from now on :)
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