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F.R: Option to make S.C. run as an autolaunch task in background and controlled purely from menu bar

dstenningdstenning Member
edited October 2013 in ScoreCloud 4 / Studio
I've emailed this feature request to Doremir directly but thought i'd mention it here too.

I prefer the idea of having SC act like an invisible "Secretary" and have NO windows show in my computer during everyday use. So suggest we have a future SC auto launch on bootup and get to work, automatically recording everything entered by MIDI each day. But for this we really dont need to see the SC app in the app switcher all the time.

Far better would be to hide the "DAEMON" and have all management and control of SC done from a pull-down menu in the top menu bar ( on Apple OSX ) .
similar to the wi-fi and bluetooth pull down menus )
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