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MIDI Input Windows 7/Kawai Piano

rcbjr2rcbjr2 Member
edited November 2013 in ScoreCloud 4 / Studio
This has probably been discussed before, but I didn't see anything specific. I have Windows 7 and a Kawai CA95 piano. MIDI input works fine with Sibelius First 7 and other notation apps (I'm trying a few before selecting one). I really like the concept of ScoreCleaner because I am just an amateur at all this and entering music by playing it is much easier than inputting using the mouse. In any event, I cannot get ScoreCleaner to record. I click the ear both ways and nothing. I have no trouble recording with other notation apps. I've checked settings and preferences and can't find anything specific. If this matters, I am using the MIDI to USB output on the piano (USB to Host connector (the one with the large white square on one end and the USB connector on the other). Any suggestions? I really want this to work. Thanks!


  • LeifOLeifO Administrator

    Some suggestions this way comes!

    Please follow these instructions and tell me if it still doesn't work:

    • Plug in your Midi device before launching ScoreCleaner
    • Go to Preferences in the ScoreCleaner menu, under Help in Win
    • Go to Audio/Midi, choose following
    - input: your device
    - output: ScoreCleaner Synth (with some variation)

    ScoreCleaner should now be able to recognize your device, and you should be able to hear it.

    Since you are a Win user, please install the latest beta of Asio4All (free) to reduce latency:
    Then choose ScoreCleaner Synth Asio4All as output in Preferences.

    Some videos:
    Getting started

    I hope this answers your question. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any further questions!
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