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Does microphone quality make a difference?

Dearest persons,

I've been using scorecloud studio on my PC with with a rather low-budget microphone for a while and I've noticed I'm finding it hard to get the proper notes from singing into my mic. Would a higher-quality microphone make it easier for scorecloud to notate the correct notes?

Kind regards,



  • JohanRJohanR Administrator

    Yes, generally the sound quality does make a difference for the analysis.

    My fist tip would be to listen to the audio recording inside ScoreCloud Studio (click the red audio clip in the listener and press play), that way you can hear the quality of the recording.

    You can also try to record with the computer's built in mic, or possibly a phone headset (depending on you computer mic input port), to compare the results.

    Otherwise, if the sound quality is okay, the way you sing/play generally makes a bigger difference. You can look at this video for tips (it's for Express, but audio in Studio generally works the same):

    Hope this helps!
    / JohanR, ScoreCloud
    ScoreCloud Staff and Mandolinist
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