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How do I record with a click track?

GuyWithDogsGuyWithDogs Member
edited August 2014 in ScoreCloud 4 / Studio
I'm using Windows 7. I can record and analyze, but I haven't figured out the steps to record with a click track. Is there a video or series of steps that shows what to click in what order to get the click track playing while I'm recording? Thanks!


  • SvenESvenE Administrator
    Click track can be used when recording from a MIDI instrument or the built-in keyboard.
    Pressing the button "Click Track" (see attachment) opens a dialog where you can set click track parameters and finally press "Record" to start the recording.
    Using click track when recording audio is something we are working on for a future release.
    click-track recording.png
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  • Thanks for the quick reply. That explains why I can't get the click track going - I'm recording audio. I look forward to that feature getting implemented!
  • SvenESvenE Administrator
    That explains it.
    Keep your eyes open for future versions!
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