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Repeat endings

ThomasEThomasE Member
edited June 2013 in ScoreCloud 4 / Studio
I have made my first repeat ending on a tune I recorded on my Ipad. But I cant "add a measure" to make another end after the second bracket. Is there a possibility for that?

To create a first- and second repeat ending, right-click on a repeat sign and select Create Repeat Endings. Double-click on a Repeat bracket to select repeat number. To add numbers, separate numbers with comma, e.g. “1, 2, 3″.
You can extend the first repeat ending to include more than one measure by selecting the repeat bracket and click-drag it to include the previous measure.


  • LeifOLeifO Administrator
    Hi Thomas! Thanks for your question! It should work (in the latest version 2.5.6) by adding another repeat in the end of the second bracket and then create a repeate ending by right-clicking on it. See screenshots. Hope it solves your problem.

    /Leif Ottosson
    Repeat endings 1.jpg
    1754 x 1239 - 444K
    Repeat endings 2.jpg
    1754 x 1239 - 664K
    Repeat endings 3.jpg
    1754 x 1239 - 628K
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