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Putting a note in multiple voices

KevinHurley23KevinHurley23 Member
edited September 2014 in ScoreCloud 4 / Studio
I have been using Scorecloud for a few days now, and so far I am very impressed. But I am having an issue with getting notes in the correct voices and, therefore, getting ties in the correct places. Please take a look at either the pdf or .scld files I attached. I played this passage in using my midi keyboard, and measures one and two are notated correctly: the 2nd B in m. 1 is tied to the whole note B in m. 2, and the G in m. 1 is tied to the whole note G in m. 2. To make this work, I believe Scorecloud put the B in m. 2 into subvoice 1, and the 2nd B in m. 1 is in both voice 1 and subvoice 1 (it has two stems), so it could be tied to the whole note B.

Now, m. 8 and the pickup in m. 7 are supposed to exactly like mm. 1 and 2, but I cannot get the Bs to be tied together, only the Gs. This part of the passage did not get transcribed exactly right (I think my rhythm was a little off when playing it) so I had to do some manual editing, and I cannot get the ties right. I think that if I could get Scorecloud to make the 2nd B in m. 7 a part of both voice and 1 and subvoice 1 (just like m. 1), then I could get the tie to work.

So, the question is, how do I switch a note from one voice to another, or put a note into multiple voices? Once that is done, how do I put in a tie and make sure that the tie is attached to the right notes?

I have another related question. I tried to work around this problem by first recording the same passage as midi into REAPER, quantizing the position and note ends of each note so everything had exactly the right values, exporting the midi file, and importing the file into Scorecloud. The midi file imported correctly as a snippet in Scorecloud, but when I clicked analyze it gave me the following error message:

Fel under analys:


In = of (NIL 2) arguments should be of type NUMBER.

What is going wrong with the analysis of the midi file?

One final question: is there (or could there be) an input quantize function in Scorecloud? When I recorded the passage into Scorecloud, some of the eight-note passages were interpreted as quintuplets with rests (I guess my playing was slightly inaccurate). If I could tell Scorecloud to interpret every note as an eighth note or longer, this would note have been a problem.

Sorry for the long post, and thank you for your help! Scorecloud has some features no one else has, and could be the best notation software hands-down if a few bugs and needs are addressed.
Linger Here - Violin.pdf
Linger Here - Violin.scld


  • SvenASvenA Administrator
    Hi Kevin.

    This is a little tricky, but it is perfectly doable. The problem is that it is missing a prime b in measure seven. Strangely enough, it does not work with the simplest command namely to copy the section from the first position.

    1) In voice mode, select the last b in the measure 7 and drag it down to the red section indicating subvoice 1
    2) Deselect voice mode, erase the two whole notes from the following measures.
    3) Alt-click the b in measure 7 and drag it to the right to extend the duration to fill the next two measures. Change the direction of the tie in measure eight by right-clicking on the tie and select tie direction. (You might have to flip a remaining ghost tie as well by selecting it and press F, which is a bug)
    4) Double-click on the rest above the b at the end of measure 7 to get note and move it down to b by the down-arrow key to become a b and
    voila! your there

    I hope this solved your issue!

    Please send any misinterpreted midi files and we will correct the issues.

    /Sven A DoReMIR Music Research
    step one.png
    248 x 98 - 26K
    result step one.png
    236 x 74 - 20K
    result step 3.png
    212 x 70 - 19K
    final result.png
    170 x 91 - 19K
  • Sven,

    Thank you very much for replying. I tried following your directions, but unfortunately my results differed from yours almost immediately. When I completed step one, it added a prime b in subvoice one rather than converting the b to subvoice one, as it appears to have done in your example picture. What am I doing wrong?
    result step one.PNG
    291 x 105 - 19K
    result step two.PNG
    293 x 99 - 18K
  • SvenASvenA Administrator
    Strange! However, when you are at the stage of the second picture:
    1) Select the stem of the subvoice of the b while pressing the alt key and
    2) extend the note duration by dragging to the right and you will get a long b
    I hope that works!
  • Ok, now this is weird. This time, when I tried it, it worked the way it was supposed to before, and the b was switched to subvoice 1! Just like in your pictures. I did exactly the same thing every time I tried it, and last night I tried it multiple times. It didn't work those times, but this time it did. Seems like a bug. So, I ended up following your directions from your first post and got the results I wanted. Thank you for your help!

    Also, is there anything you could tell me about a quantize function being implemented in Scorecloud in future updates (my third question from my original post)?
  • LeifOLeifO Administrator
    Hello Kevin!

    You should be able to quantize selections already!

    This is a function available after the analysis is made. Choose a selection by click dragging over the score, then go to the rhythm drop down in the actions panel to the right. Now, if one beat is selected you can choose a rhythm from the list. If severeal beats are selected, you can choose a subdivision grid (which is per beat). A keyboard shortcut to this is Alt+number key when a region is selected.

    Have a look at this tutorialvideo for a demonstration:

    Leif @ ScoreCloud
  • Hi Leif,

    Thank you very much! I understand now, and this is a great, simple feature.
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