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Recording Error: no-audio-stream

I'd like to use the voice input. I'm getting the no-audio-stream error message. How do I go about fixing this? I couldn't find anything online to answer that question. Thanks.


  • LeifOLeifO Administrator
    Thank you for reporting this issue, this is something we would like to have a look at. Please can you send us a log file so we can see if an error has occurred?

    When this happens it would be really helpful if you could send a bug report from ScoreCloud. In ScoreCloud, go to the ScoreCloud menu on mac, from the Help menu on windows and click on Report Bug. In the comments section describe your problem along with detailed information on any error messages you have encountered, and what you did when you got this error message.

    This way we get all the technical data we need and information about what ScoreCloud was doing when it failed.

    /Leif @ ScoreCloud
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