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More on Manual entry / editing especially Lyrics

acclivityacclivity Member
edited February 28 in ScoreCloud 4 / Studio
I *REALLY* would like to see the following.
1) The ability to delete all lyrics FOR A SPECIFIED VERSE/LINE.
2) The ability to copy a line of lyrics, OR chords, OR notes, without the other two

There is a problem with lyrics where I specify a sustained word (using underscore). It seems to be impossible to later remove that underscore, in fact removing all the lyrics for a verse that included underscores, results in the underscores remaining and popping up all over the place.

(It is STILL disappointing to see spam messages being left in this forum for far too long. Gives such an uncaring impression. I really cannot understand why they are not removed within 1 day. I'd happily do it for you!! It's now Feb 28 and I can still see two spam messages from Jan 3rd, and one from 3 months ago)


  • LeifOLeifO Administrator
    1. Noted!
    2. Noted!

    What this means in more concrete way is a more multifaceted copy/paste-tool.

    The underscore problem I don't remeber seeing before. Please update to ScoreCloud 4 (not yet pushed inside the program) and if the problem is still there send a bug report from the ScoreCloud menu (mac) or the Help menu (windows).

    Were are looking at updating the forum to handle spam better. Thanks for the patience!
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