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Organisatio: Cloud, Tags, Categories..

MarioMalidusMarioMalidus Member
edited April 2018 in General

I´m loving ScoreCloud!
I use it mainly for composing short pieces by inspiration from my teaching with students.

For powerful Managment and Organization there would be some things nice to see:
- Tags for more tracks by one time (for example to select several tracks and add one or more tags to them)
- Tags sould open a Tag Pool to choose from, thats important that i do not have more than one similar tags (in fact of otherwise writing...)
- It would be nice to add tags also to orders. so i could make a Order which is a name from a student - for example clara. So i don´t have to add tags to all tracks, then i could search by tag "Beginner" and it shows me my students (orders) where the tracks are..

Regards, Mario


  • LeifOLeifO Administrator
    Sorry for the delayed response Mario. Thank you for these feature requests! They will be considered!

    Leif @ ScoreCloud
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